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Sparrow Heights - A Tale of Daring Do

Horla Theatre Presents:


Greenwich Playhouse
Dates: 12th May – 7th June 2009


Written by Martin Hearn

Directed by Alistair Green


Chris Courtenay, Adam DeVille, Martin Hearn, Carole Carpenter


A thrilling tale where war comes into conflict with itself.


It   is   1943   and   the   Nazis   have   captured   a   certain General George Geoffrey Bungle of Strategic High Command and have taken him to SPARROW HEIGHTS, the most feared prison in all of Germany...ever.


His only hope of rescue lies with Captain John Smith and his team of terribly brave chaps. Their mission: save the General before he spills the beans and reveals the secret ingredients of a top-secret chemical compound so explosive it could blow Nelson off his column in the blink of an eye.


An unashamedly epic tale of derring-do, this action-packed romp features a fine array of dashing, well-oiled chaps, buxom heroines, plucky POWs, pesky double-agents, squadrons of screaming aircraft and a fully loaded magazine of machine-gun howls. With nail-biting scrapes and edge-of-your-seat escapes, SPARROW HEIGHTS pays homage to many of the great (and not so great) war movies of all time.


“It’s almost teatime and we’ve got a General to find, so look sharp, chaps, and get a wiggle on.”

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