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Rumplestiltskin & Other Grizzly Tales

Horla Theatre Presents:


New Wimbledon Theatre Studio

November 30th - December 23rd 2004

Written by Joanna Volinska & Alistair Green

Directed by Alistair Green



Rosie Armstrong, Carole Carpenter, Chris Courtenay,

Derek Elwood, Sarah Ratheram, Kathryn O’Reilly, Dave Roberts, Philip Buck

Let's Get Ready to Rumple!


This Christmas, Horla Theatre Company brings the magical 'Rumplestiltskin and Other Grizzly Tales' live to the New Wimbledon Theatre Studio, now part of the Ambassadors Theatre Group. This feast of funny, silly and chilling stories from far and wide will include such classics as 'The Elves and The Shoemaker' from The Brothers Grimm and 'The Princess and The Pea' by Hans Christian Andersen.


15 stories from 8 countries featuring 5 weddings, 4 births, 2 dancing elves, 1 talking doll and 15 demises in a variety of fashions will be told by an ensemble of 10 performers/musicians using mask, mime and puppetry.  The show offers the ultimate family entertainment to brighten up those dark winter nights.


For brave children and fearless adults!


“Alistair Green and his Horla troupe of actor-singer-musicians are past masters of theatrical storytelling, using words and action, mime and melody, costume and mask. This year’s seasonal frightfest is no exception; fifteen fables new and old that provide the perfect alternative to panto…. their show works so well is down to Green’s staging flair, plus Dave Roberts’ chilling masked performance in the title role, and the brilliant underscoring by the composer MD’s, Vanessa Lucas-Smith and Jonathan Langford, who coax lively vocal harmonies and unexpected instrumentals from the whole company.”



“ … original and enchanting show  … live music (beautifully performed by Vanessa Lucas-Smith and Jon Langford) … eight hugely talented performers  … This really is a far cry from the average Christmas pantomime… and it's all the better for it. In fact, I'd bet that it's one of the most imaginative Christmas shows you're likely to see. Strongly recommended.”



“Horla field the kind of cast that makes British theatre seem endlessly resourceful. Throughout, individual personalities are never lost in the remarkable ensemble strength, making for a grizzly, inventive show.”



“ … 8 talented artists under the auspices of Horla Productions … In short there is something for everyone, parents as well as children. I am told my predecessor, the late and much missed Paul Nelson, had a great admiration for the Horla troupe and having seen Rumplestiltskin I can understand why. I look forward to my next encounter with them with pleasurable anticipation.”



“It does credit to the Ambassadors Theatre Group, the new Wimbledon Theatre owners, that they should be supporting this imaginative, young, and ambitious, group … guaranteeing something special for everyone's taste.”


Rumple image by Chris Cooper for Horla I
The 3 Little PigsThe Company
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The RumplemanJonathan Langford
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