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Little Red Riding Hood & Other Tales

Horla Theatre Presents:


Wimbledon Cannizaro Festival
Dates: July 12th, 19th and 26th 2008

Adapted by Joanna Volinska and Alistair Green

Directed by Alistair Green


Chris Courtenay, Dave Roberts, Alison Ward, Chris Kinread, Maria Carson

Horla return with the classic tale of LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD but with a twist.


How does a little girl find a way to outsmart a big bad beast? Who is the wolf? How does he acquire the taste for human flesh? And what makes him so ravenous that he thinks he can manage a tough old grandma and a plump young lady with attitude?


To answer these questions we follow Red Riding Hood on her perilous journey to grumpy granny’s. It is an anti-Tardis forest she trundles across. It looks so big on the outside, but set foot in it and shrinks. So much so, that Riding Hood has to watch her step or she will trespass on the land of a Russian witch Baba Yaga one minute and trip over an Italian vampire’s coffin the next.


It turns out the wolf is not the only creature to whom she appears to be a tasty morsel. In the end he turns out to be her favourite villain. Better the one you know.

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