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GRIMMS - The Final Chapter

Horla Theatre Presents:


New Wimbledon Studio

5th – 16th December 2006

20th December 2006 – 6th January 2007

Adapted by Joanna Volinska and Alistair Green

Directed by Alistair Green

Music by Carole Carpenter and Jonathan Langford. Design by Chris Gylee. Lighting by Natalie Jones.

Carole Carpenter, Kate Lush, Liz Jadav, Michael Lovatt, David McClelland and Zoot Lyman

Following the success of their adaptation of A Christmas Carol last year, Horla return to the New Wimbledon Studio and Trafalgar Studio 2, with their sixth – and final – Christmas show.

Both Studios will be transformed into a magical world where all manner of strange characters and objects tell a tale or two and take you to the lands of horror, mystery and fun. This Christmas GRIMMS – The Final Chapter has the licence to chill and to thrill. There is a Russian tale about the infamous Baba Yaga, a Polish legend of the beautiful but wicked Lady Balladine and from the Ukraine comes the story of Vasily, the bride-stealing vampire. Due to The Unfortunate Death of The Seven Dwarfs (they perished in Germany) Horla present their own version of the Brothers Grimm classic Snow White and The Seven Puppets. From closer to home come the utterly silly Singing Po and The Hitchcock Tale, a dark horror. With several stories packed into one evening there is also room for a few surprises!

The show uses mime, physical theatre, dance, live music and puppetry and is brought to life by an ensemble of performers/musicians. Perfect family entertainment to brighten up those dark winter nights.


Six actors, on a tiny three-sided stage hung with props and costumes, tell 10 stories, play 51 characters and perform all the songs and musical instruments. It’s a formidable display of skills from a young, enthusiastic cast.


GRIMMS Witch for print.jpg
BalladineCarol Carpenter
00:00 / 00:43
FinaleThe Company
00:00 / 02:44
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